MY story


I’m a personal fitness coach based in Sydney, Australia, with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. Hailing from the beautiful city of Dunedin in New Zealand, I pursued my passion for fitness and obtained a degree in the field of Physical Education at Otago University.

I worked for a well-known fitness company Les Mills for many years which provided me with the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional training programs. Working for Les Mills enabled me to travel to various locations around the world where I have worked with a diverse clientele gaining a global perspective on fitness training.


I specialise in a number of areas:

1) As a keen golfer, I have a strong passion for training golf enthusiasts, delivering tailored golf training programs to improve their athletic performance on the course.

2) I train clients of all ages but have a strong passion for training older clients to build and maintain optimal fitness levels so they continue to have a great quality of life in their mature decades; and

3) I choreograph and teach group fitness classes to music and have a weekly timetable of classes that my clients can participate in, both in the studio and online. These include cardio-based classes on the bike, HIT training, and strength-based training using straps.

WHY STORM FITT – THE STORM ‘F I T T’ philosophy.

My fitness philosophy revolves around the acronym FITT, which stands for Functional Integrated Training Techniques. The FITT approach emphasizes the importance of functional movements that enhance everyday activities and improve overall strength, mobility, and flexibility.

By focusing on functional training, I help clients develop the strength and mobility required to perform tasks efficiently and reduce the risk of injuries.

Integrated training is another key aspect of the FITT philosophy. I believe in creating balanced workout programs that target all areas of the body. By integrating different exercises and training modalities, I maximize the effectiveness of each session, allowing clients to achieve comprehensive fitness improvements.


Group/Personal Trainer
Golf Fitness Specialist
B.P.E. Exercise Physiology


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